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Blue Pea & Chrysanthemum

Blue Pea & Chrysanthemum

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  • Certified Halal Jakim
  • 100% Natural
  • Lab Tested
A unique blend of blue pea & white chrysanthemum, designed to support women's well-being. Rich in antioxidants to promote reproductive wellness, and backed by science & wisdom. Enjoy vitality with this drink for a balanced life.

What to expect

  1. Helps with menstrual cramp relief
  2. Regulates menstrual cycles
  3. Promotes hormonal balance
  4. Addresses irregular vaginal white discharge
  5. Blue pea aids in easing discomfort
  6. White chrysanthemum maintains a healthy reproductive system

Ideal for

Ideal for men, women and children above 2 years old.

How to prepare

Infuse one cube in 200- 250ml of hot water. Stir well until cube dissolves. Put ice to drink it cold. One may experiment the cubes in meals as well.

Can be consumed anytime since it is caffeine-free.

Package information

10 cubes of Blue Pea & 10 cubes of White Chrysanthemum


Molasses Jaggery Powder, Dried Blue Pea, Dried White Chrysanthemum

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Reviving and refreshing, offering vital support for women's well-being.

Blue pea, renowned for its vibrant blue petals, has a long history of traditional use for menstrual cramp relief and regulating menstrual cycles.

Menstrual cramp relief:

Blue pea relieves menstrual cramps and reduces associated pain.

White chrysanthemum traditionally eases menstrual discomfort and cramp pain.

Regulates Menstrual Cycles and Hormonal Balance:

Blue pea's compounds regulate menstrual cycles and hormonal balance.

White chrysanthemum extracts modulate hormone levels by affecting hormone-regulating enzymes.

Addresses Irregular Vaginal Discharge:

Blue pea's anti-inflammatory properties reduce reproductive system inflammation, addressing white discharge issues.

White chrysanthemum's antimicrobial properties inhibit pathogen growth, addressing irregular vaginal discharge.